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Basic Profile

Key Features:

  • Your Overall Team Leader Profile
  • Your Team Leader Profile for 6 Key Leadership Functions:
    • Defining the Task




      Setting an Example



  • A Personal Team Leadership Report
  • A Team Leadership Summary Table

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How to Get Your Basic Team Leader Profile

Multiple Profiles for Training Courses or Groups

To get multiple Basic Team Leader Profiles, for use on a Training Course or for a Work Group, e-mail your requirements to basic-questionnaire@evolve-leadteam.co.uk. We will need to know how many questionnaires are to be submitted and the data by which you need to Leadership Reports and Profiles.

We will then be able to send you a link for the on-line submission and processing of your questionnaires and details of payment.

Cost 14.50 (ex VAT) (1 supplement for hard copy)

Discounts are available for large orders and on-going accounts: 5% for 50+ profiles in one month; 10% for 100+ profiles; 15% for 200+ profiles.

Individual Profile

To get an individual Basic Team Leader Profile, send an e-mail requesting a profile to basic-questionnaire@evolve-leadteam.co.uk.

We will send you a link for the on-line completion of the questionnaire. We will then acknowledge receipt of your completed questionnaire and request payment. Once payment is received we will forward your Report and Profile to you by e-mail or post as requested.

Cost 15.00 (ex VAT) (1 supplement for hard copy)

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